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2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Results



2015 Open Show Photos

Percentage Bulls

Junior Bull Calf Champion
Joe Horstman
Senior Calf champion
Helm Farms
Reserve Junior Bull Calf
Blake Wright
Reserve Senior Bull Calf
Hallie Dillard
Champion Percentage Bull
Champion Junior Bull
Circle M & Griswold
Reserve Senior Yearling Champion
MBK Cattle & Bourg Farms
Reserve Overall Champion Percentage Bull
Senior Champion
Hudson Pine and Jerry Bornemann

Percentage Females

Junior Calf Champion
AK Phillips
Open Percentage Champion Female
Maddy Udell
Junior Yearling Champion Female
Tyler Adcock
Supreme Champion Female-Champion Percentage Female
Maddy Udell
Champion Percentage Cow
Hudson Pines
Reserve Senior Heifer Calf
Pepper Elmore
Senior Heifer Calf Champion
Stephen Cooper
Reserve Junior Calf
Hudson Pines
Reserve Champion Junior Yearling
Hudsoen Pines Farm
Summer Champion Female
Tanner Howey
Reserve Senior Yearling
Morgan Stephens
Reserve Overall Female-
Champion Summer Female
Tanner Howey
Reserve Summer Champion
Rocking P Cattle Co.

Purebred Bulls

Reserve Champion Jr Bull Calf
Long Ridge Farm
Champion Jr. Yearling
SVJ Farms
Champion Overall Bull-Sr. Champion Bull
Silver Towne-Hudson Pine-CircleM-Harker
Jr. Bull Calf Champion
Lemenager Cattle
Reserve Champion Sr. Bull Calf
Mike Rist & Trennepohl Farm
Reserve Sr. Champion Bull
Strausbaugh's Black Simmental
Reserve Overall Champion Bull-Jr. Champion Bull Calf
Lemenager Cattle
Summer Champion
Krieger Farms
Summer Champion
Krieger Farms
SR. Bull Calf Champion
Elmore Cattle-Helms-McFerran-Rolling Hills

Purebred Females

Open Purebred Champion Female
Overall-Junior Champion
Maddy Udell
Summer Champion Female
Tyler Adcock
Reserve Late Senior Heifer Calf
Blake Wright
Reserve Champion Jr Heifer Calf
Hudson Pines
Sr. Champion Female
Hudson Pines and Clear Water
Produce of Dam
SVJ Simmentals
Early Senior Heifer Calf
Tanner Howey
Jr. Champion Heifer Calf
Hudson Pines
Reserve Early Senior Heifer Calf
C and C Farms
Reserve Jr Champion Female
Andrew Meier
Reserve Sr. Champion Female
CLO Simmentals
Reserve Overall Champion Female
Circle M
Summer Reserve Champion
Leslie Walker

Supreme Champion Female

Supreme Champion Female-
Champion Percentage Female
Maddy Udell

2015 Junior Show Photos


Percentage Reserve Jr Champion
Cody Kitzerow
Percentage Jr. Calf Champion
Jose Phillips
Percentage Reserve Sr. Calf Champion
5th Overall Champion BO
Cindy Cooper
4th Overall and Senior Calf Champion
Pepper Elmore
Reserve Junior Yearling-3rd Overall
Tyler Adcock
Champion Female-Junior Yearling Champion
Claire Trennepohl
Reserve Champion Senior Yearling
Kayla Jackson
Reserve Champion Female-Senior Champion
Morgan Stephens


Reserve Late Junior Champion PB Female
Tyler Adcock
Reserve Early Yearling
Reed Hedrick
PB -Reserve Champion Female-Champion Sr. Calf
Stephen Cooper
PB 3rd Overall -Champion Jr. Yearling
Bella Swain
PB 4th Overall -Champion BO-Supreme Female Reserve Senior Heifer Calf
Tanner Howey
PB 5th Overall-Senior Heifer Calf
Bella Swain
PB Junior Heifer Calf Champion
Connely Schick
PB Champion Female-Senior Champion
Tanner Howey
Late JR Yearling Champion, PB Female
Maycee Moore
Reserve Senior Yearling PB
Paige Towle
Reserve Summer Yearling
Tyler Adcock
Summer Chamion Female
Leslie Walker

Top 5 Overall Percentage

Champion Female-Jr. Yrling Ch
Claire Trennepohl
Reserve Champion Female-Sr. Champion
Morgan Stephens
Res. Jr. Yrling-3rd Overall
Tyler Adcock
4th Overall and Sr. Calf Champion
Pepper Elmore
Percentage Res. Sr. Calf Ch-5th
Cindy Cooper

Top 5 Overall Purebred

PB Champion Female-Sr. Ch
Tanner Howey
PB -Reserve Champion Female-Ch Sr. Calf
Stephen Cooper
PB- 3rd Overall -Ch Jr. Yrling
Bella Swain
PB 4th Overall -Ch BO-Supreme B) Female Res. Sr. Heifer Calf
Tanner Howey
PB 5th Overall
Bella Swain


2015 Awards

2015 Breeders Sweepstakes Intermediate Winner and Circle M Showmansip Showdown Winner
Hallie Dillard

2015 Breeders Sweepstakes Rookie Showmanship Contestants

2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Herdsman Award
Greg Burden

2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Junior Div Winner
Madyson McDaniel

2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes
Long Time supporters
Fred and Phyllis Swain & David Dillion

2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Nathan Adkins Scholarship Award
Morgan Phillips

2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Sr. Showmaship Winner
Emille Graves

2015 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Volume Embyo
Buyer-Jerico Chappa-Hayes Ranch

2015 simmental Breesers Sweepstakes Life Time Membership Award
Daune Snee and Valerie Snee

30th Anniversary Dedication
Hudson Pines Farm-David Rockefeller

30th Anniversary Dedication
Glenn Aire Ranch-Jacque Glenn